Where are your clients keeping their money?

Today, more than ever, I am hearing from advisors that their clients are “not moving forward right now with the long term care insurance recommendation” or “holding their money for now.”  But WHERE are they holding their money? And what are they earning (or losing)?

By taking a wait and see approach, the client:

  • May lose growth on the money,
  • Pay fees, and
  • Possibly have a change in their health.

By moving forward now, the client will:

  • Get double the amount of their deposit for long term care,
  • Guarantee insurability AND
  • Earn 3% compound inflation on the long term care benefit!

There are many safe, guaranteed life or annuity based long term care insurance policies that offer 3% compound inflation AND have return of premium options. If the clients change their mind in the future, they can exercise the ROP and receive their deposit back.

This is a win, win opportunity to help defray the significant cost of care, instantly double their money for long term care AND earn 3% compound interest!

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